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Kumlubuk is especially famous for its sea, beach and fish restaurants. The scenery of the region is worth seeing. Kumlubuk's beaches and slopes have popular trekking tracks for ecological tourism.

In Kumlubuk, you can first enjoy the magnificent sea, sun and sea on the beaches. Fish restaurants are among the best in the region, it is recommended not to leave without eating fish. When you head towards the southeast side of Kumlubuk, you will come across a mysteriously beautiful cave. It is said that the cave area hosted the settlement area 5000 years ago. It's worth to be seen. Hiking on the coast and on the hills is another alternative. The most popular trekking areas are in this region.

As in Turunc, you can visit the ancient city of Amos. Half an hour's walk away. It is possible to see the ruins of the ancient city of Amos, the old theater and city walls here. It is a nice activity along with a nature walk.

Neler Yapılır

Kumlubuk, which is 24 km from Marmaris and 5 km from Turunç, can be reached by passing through a forest with a magnificent view. The sea view already unfolds before your eyes at the beginning of this journey, the smell of the pine forests and the sound of nature are the harbingers of the paradise you will soon reach. Kumlubuk is a hidden natural wonder with its 2 kilometer long sandy beach in the shape of an arc bent at both ends. All shades of green and blue compete with each other in Kumlubuk, which takes its name from its sandy beach and sea.

Spend a morning or evening in Turunc for a walk to the ancient city of Amos. Amos, which you can reach in 1 hour by walking from Turunç and in half an hour from Kumlubuk, was one of the important cities of the ancient age, but not much has survived to the present day. You can see the theater and city walls on the narrow and long plain on the hill where the Kumlubuk beach stretches, and a small pebbly cove on one side, known as Hisar Burnu. The necropolis of the city is spread towards the slopes of the small bay in the north. But you will be more impressed by the view that stretches as far as the eye can see under your feet, rather than the ruins.

Places to Visit

  • Amos Antique City

    If we look at the past of Amos which was one of the most important cities of Rhodes in ancient times, means "Temple of the Mother Goddess" in the Hellenistic language. Also known as Samnaios in the Hellenistic period, the god Apollo is considered the chief god of this city.

  • Turunç

    Turunc, an old fishing town, is also a popular stopover for blue cruise boats and yachts. It is possible to see many domestic and foreign boats moored along the coast. Restaurants in the area are crowded during the summer.

  • Surrounding Villages

    Marmaris villages locate in a region worth seeing with its recreation areas, national parks and wonderful nature. There are many touristic villages worth seeing such as Selimiye, Orhaniye, Turgut, Bozburun.

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